Hosted and Non-Hosted AdSense

What is Hosted and Non-Hosted Adsense

There is a word called deer made of gold. In real life, Google Adsense is like deer of gold to the bloggers. Everyone who works with a blog or website, dreams about one day they will get Google Adsense approval. Google Adsense is something that can be found easily if you work hard and if you can make proper use of Adsense, there is no need to look back in life. After reading this article, you’ll know about What is Hosted and Non-Hosted Adsense.  Google Adsense can be your lifetime income source.

What is Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is a service of the tech giant Google. Adsense will show some ads on your website or blog and when someone clicks on that ad or visits your site, Google will give you some of the income that comes from it. Adsense is a network for the publishers.
There are two types of Adsense:
1. Hosted Adsense
2. Non-Hosted Adsense.

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Hosted Adsense:

If you have received Adsense approval for Google-provided services such as YouTube, Blogger or Blogspot is called Hosted Adsense. You can not add another website with a Hosted Adsense account. You can only use the blog or YouTube channel for which you have received AdSense Approval.

Non-Hosted Adsense:

Non-Hosted AdSense is a full-fledged AdSense account. Follow the entire rules of AdSense by creating a self-hosted site and want to make an ad show on it, and if you apply for AdSense, the AdSense account you get is a NonHosted AdSense account.

If I create a blog on Blogger and add the .com/.net domain to apply for AdSense, will it be either a Hosted or Non-Hosted account:

If you create a blog on Blogger and get Adsense Approval with custom domains like .com/.net, etc then that AdSense account will be a Non-Hosted account. Though, the blog has been made on Blogger which is Google’s platform. However, it will not be a Hosted account.
Because the domain is not provided by Blogspot the domain is purchased from another site. For better understanding please take a look at the following post.

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