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Tips and Tricks for Identifying Bullies in the Family

In the modern age of Identifying Bullies, parents have been reading a lot about cyberbullying, ragging, molesting, and stuff like that. They are worried about their kids, and when they send their kids out for school or game, they are always thinking a bully should not hit them.

Well, there are a lot of things on the plate of the parents. Although, they are concerned about the world of their kids outside the home. However, bullies are not just outside, they are also inside. A bully could be a cousin or any other close relative.

Ahead of that, there are several studies on family bullying. Among them, one of the studies narrates that people who are in habit to bully their colleagues in school or workplace, tend to carry that tendency in homes. Indeed, if a guy is a bully at school he might be doing the same thing with his family members. However, family bullying is somehow different than the bullying at school, workplace, and even the sibling bullying. That makes a lot of people think that family bullying is a myth.

Family Bullying is Not a Myth:

The characteristics of family bullying appear to be a natural behavior. The observers think that the person is not bullying, instead he is affectionate. Well, that is the starting point of the family bullying, which makes the people disbelieve that it is not for real. However, when outcomes appear, then people realize that it is not a myth.

Digging deep into family bullying, you will find that boys are the greatest victim than girls. Along with that, another amazing thing is that girls bully more than boys.

Tip and Tricks for Identifying Bullies in the Family:

How many times did you think about bullies in the family as a parent? Well, if you have landed here then that means you are an active sufferer. There is someone in your family that is bothering your kids and you need the tips and tricks for identifying bullies in the family. To identify the bully at homes, everyone has a couple of methods:

  • A practical method, such as using a spy app, that enables the parents to know who is bullying their kid.
  • A hypothetical method of hunches, suspicion, and curiosity.

When it comes to practical methods, there are hundreds of solutions available. Amid so many options it becomes difficult to choose a plausible and resonant tool. Well, let us make it easier for you. There is OgyMogy, a parental control app that monitors kids and let the parents know. It is a family app that is designed to help parents protect their kids. Further, here are a few tips and tricks that it offers:

Text Monitoring: OgyMogy has a basic feature of text monitoring. It reads the text on the target phone and brings that information to the parents. Not to forget, in the present age, most of the communication takes place on text messages. You can find the bully through scanning your kids’ text.

Call Monitoring: If you are late in your actions, the bully should have moved to the next level of communication. They might have started calling your kids and bullying them. Well, an unfortunate fact is that kids are so afraid that they never tell their parents that someone is bullying them. Indeed, OgyMogy enables you to find them by listening to the calls of your kids. Further, OgyMogy records the call log of the target phone. Using that, parents can review which contact has been calling their kids frequently. Along with that, they can hear their conversation and plan their move accordingly.

Real-Time Monitoring: Is the bully living in your home, or does he visit your home off and on? Well, be certain with the OgyMogy real-time monitoring feature. With this trick, parents can see the surrounding of their kids. OgyMogy records the surrounding using the mic and camera of the target phone. Certainly, that helps the parents to see the bully and also record their actions.

Moving further, there are plenty of other features of OgyMogy that can serve a trick to identify bullies in the family. Like, the messenger and social network monitoring, which lets the parents see what their kids are doing socially.

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