MLBB X Tranformers Event 2023 Release Date

Hey guys what’s going on? I hope you are doing well. MLBB X Transformers Event 2023 is going to release very soon. In this article, I will show you the upcoming MLBB X Transformers Encore details and release date.


MLBB X Transformers collaboration has been one of the most exciting collaboration in Mobile Legends. Moonton introduced us Transformers themes new skins. Including, Johnson as Optimus Prime, X.borg as Bumble Bee, Granger as Megatron, Aldous as Starscream, etc. The event is back every year in a certain date.

You will be happy to know that the MLBB X Transformers event is coming back in 2023 too.

MLBB X Transformers Event 2023 Release Date

There is no official confirmation of the event yet. But we got some leaked information of the event release date, and the release date has been leaked by Mobile Legends Daily.

Mobile Legends X Transformers Event 2023 is going to release on 22 March 2023.

mlbb x transformers 2023 release date

The event will feature all the previous collaborated skins. And also all the events related to the MLBB X Transformers collaboration will be back. Such as, login event, task event, and many more. So, guys hold your seat tight and get ready for the upcoming MLBB X Transformers Event 2023.

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