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Keyword Research for SEO (Quick tips for Beginners)

Keyword research for SEO is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To succeed in Google or Other search engines you must choose the right Keyword.
If no one searching for what you are writing, you will not get traffic from Google no matter how hard you try how long your story.
All the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that we discuss are used only after keyword research.
That’s why we wrote a guide about this topic. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand how to do keyword research for SEO?

What is Keyword Research for SEO?

Keyword research is a process that we are trying to find the best keyword on your topic that you want to rank in Google or other search engines and a great way to reach more people with your content.
First, try to find out what words, statements, or phrases are related to your business, service or product,
Many people use Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. to access the search engine in the world.
After we choose the right keyword based on the search volume and competition.
It sounds very simple!
However, many methods have to be followed for this. Also, we need to use different Keyword Research tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Keyword Research methods:

1. Generating keywords ideas for your website.
2. How many times has this word been searched & Detection of Search volume?
3. How competitive is this keyword?
4. Choosing the right keywords.

And in this article, we will cover step 1.

Generating keywords ideas for your website

You need to understand before choosing a keyword. Your keywords idea depends on your niche and your goals that you want to achieve.

The niche you choose needs to take care of when creating keyword ideas. Niche in English means relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Niche means in the topics related to your business, service, or product in which your targeted customer is interested.

Every website or blog has to identify its niche (related words from the website).
For example, my website TRICK LOFT is the niche of TIps & Tricks. And my all content is related to it like-  TIps & Tricks, Useful ideas, Technology information,  etc.

Now you have to do a little brainstorming to get keywords for your website.
Later we will also take the help of online available free tools for keyword research.

First of all, people search on search engines to get answers.
Like, this article is about Keyword Research For SEO.

So, my head keyword is Keyword Research. Could be a niche for me (i.e. body keywords).
Keywords Research,
Free Keyword Research Tools
Google Keyword Research,
Keyword Finder, etc.
I will generate ideas by making the bases.

Generate long-tail keywords from each short keyword

Examples of Keyword Research:

  • How to Do Keyword Research for SEO
  • How to research keyword competition
  • What is long-tail keyword research
  • How to research YouTube keywords

If your website is new, then you should use a combination of body and long-tail keywords.

Here you see we talk about three types of keywords.

This keyword method is important for off-page SEO

Head keywords, Body Keywords,  Tail keywords (Short or Long Tail keywords)

1. Head keywords

Which are single words? Like – shoes or books etc.
One of the characteristics of these head keywords are their search volume is very high. If you are thinking to target them, then wait!!!
All of these are also highly competitive and cannot be converted well.
That means if the domain authority of your website is not very high For example – Amazon, Facebook, etc. then do not select these keywords.
Don’t waste your time and energy on these head keywords until your website is not strong enough to beat the big websites on the web.

2. Body Keywords

These keywords are usually made up of two words such as – sports shoes or school books.
These body keywords also have some characteristics. There is a decent search volume on body keywords.
The competition also occurs at the medium level. There are more chances of head keywords being converted comparatively.

3. Tail keywords (Short or Long Tail keywords)

Long-tail keywords represent specific sub-topics within your niche.
These keywords use 2 + words (more than two words), such as – Keyword Research, Free Keyword Tools, etc.

The characteristics of Long tail keywords are very interesting.

  • Their search volume is very low l like – less than 1000 searches
  • Most people search in the form of tail keywords only
  • These are best-converting keywords
  • On selecting these keywords and doing SEO it is easy to rank in the top 3 positions on Google

Do not target long-tail keywords for all pages of your website or else the Google Panda penalty will be imposed.

Keyword Research Tool

Online there are many tools available to free generate keyword ideas like -Ubersuggest, Google Keywords Planner,, etc.

But in this article, I will tell you about the free and powerful tools and techniques for keyword research,

We will talk –

Google Keywords Planner Tool

This keyword planner is a very useful & effective free keyword research tool from Google that offers many valuable data.


To use this tool, you need to create a google ads account (If you already have a Google account it will ready to work in less than a minute).

After the signup, go to Tools – Keyword Planner.

How to Create High Quality Backlinks (Beginners Guide: 2020)


Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool, It is also very easy to use. You have to put your main keyword in its search box and it will tell you about many long-tail keywords related to it.

Ubersuggest img
Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool, and It’s very easy to use.

Enter your domain or keyword by going to Ubersuggest’s website.
Suppose I enter Keyword Research –

Within a few seconds, it made me find 200+ more related keywords.
There is a triangle with every keyword. And in this, we will click on the expanded keyword, and then the long tail keyword will show suggestions. I like this tool very much.

You can also use it and tell me how it felt?

The third keyword tool is – is also a very good tool to fund Long tail keywords.

keyword tool

With the help of this tool, you can not only know all the keywords that are searched on Google but also YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and the app store.

In its free version, it generates a lot of keyword ideas for us. It neither tells us the search volume of the keywords, not the CPC.

I will tell you such a trick by which you can easily find the search volume and CPC of any keyword.
The last keyword tool is:

Google Auto Complete Tool

That is, by using the Google Search bar, we can also find the keywords that people search on Google the most.

Meaning that Google itself will tell us high search volume keywords.

Whenever we type something in the search bar of Google, google starts showing us some suggestions related to the same niche.

Google Search
Google Auto Complete keyword

These suggestions are only high search volume keywords. That is, it is the words that people find most by going to Google. After following the above steps, you will have a list of niche related keywords.

Did you find this information helpful?
If yes, I will definitely tell you in my comments.

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