How to Fix Stuck In Loading Screen Mobile Legends 2023

Have you ever been stuck in loading screen Mobile Legends? Have you searched for a solution to fix the problem but failed to do so? Don’t worry, because today I will show you a 100% working method to resolve this issue and get rid of the stuck loading screen problem in Mobile Legends.

How to Fix Stuck Loading Mobile Legends

The trick I am going to share has been tested by me and it works on almost every Android device, so I hope it will also work on your phone.

If you have been experiencing the stuck loading problem while playing Mobile Legends, then rest assured that I have found a proper solution for it after doing some research. In this post, I will share the solution with you. Just make sure to carefully follow all the steps that are shown below.

How to Fix Stuck in Loading Screen Mobile Legends

  • The first step is to download an app. While it’s possible to fix the issue without an app, it may not work on all devices. Therefore, it’s better to use an app to resolve the issue. You can download the 4G Only app from the Google Play Store. 4G Only Apk Download
  • Next, launch Mobile Legends and minimize it if you are stuck at the loading screen. how to Fix stuck loading mlbb
  • After that, open the 4G Only app. You will see three options available. mobile legends stuck loading screen
  • Click on Method 1 or 2 in the 4G Only app depending on your Android version.
  • Once you have clicked on the desired method, an interface similar to the picture below will appear. Click on the marked button to open the next settings. How to Fix Stuck Loading Mobile Legends
  • You will see several options such as WCDMA, LTE, GSM, etc. In this step, you need to select WCDMA Only. how to fix stuck loading mobile legends
  • Once you have selected WCDMA Only, go back and open Mobile Legends. You will find that the stuck in loading screen Mobile Legends issue has been resolved and you can now enter the game as usual.
  • Once you have successfully entered into Mobile Legends, minimize the game again and open the 4G Only app. Then, select Default settings to avoid any potential lag and network issues while playing Mobile Legends. how to fix stuck loading mobile legends

Now you can go back to Mobile Legends and enjoy playing your favorite game without any issues.

This is how you can fix the stuck in loading screen Mobile Legends problem. This method is 100% effective and will resolve the issue if you properly follow all the steps mentioned above.

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