How To Disconnect Supercell ID From COC Account 2023

In this article, we will discuss how to disconnect Supercell ID from COC Account, as well as the implications of doing so.

Clash of Clans is a widely popular mobile strategy game that allows players to build and defend their own villages while battling against other players’ villages. To play the game, players must create a Supercell ID, which allows them to save their game progress and switch between devices.

However, there may be situations where players wish to disconnect Supercell ID from COC account, such as wanting to start a new game or switching to a different account. How To Disconnect Supercell ID from COC

Connecting your Clash of Clans ID with a Supercell ID can safeguard your progress and allow you to play on multiple devices. If you want to play the same Clash of Clans ID on your computer and mobile device, then a Supercell ID can help you achieve that.

By using a Supercell ID, you can easily play Clash of Clans on any platform, including Windows, iOS, and Android. Once you have connected your ID to a Supercell ID, you can safely uninstall Clash of Clans from your device without losing your progress.

However, sometimes switching between Clash of Clans accounts on your mobile device can be frustrating. This is because every time you try to switch accounts, the Supercell ID pop-up can be quite irritating.

How To Disconnect Supercell ID From COC

Follow the below instructions to easily disconnect Supercell ID from COC account.

  • At first go to Setting and click Help & Support. Disconnect supercell id from clash of clans
  • Then you will see many options. Now you need to click on the Account option. Disconnect supercell id from coc
  • Then you will see an option ‘still need help?’ and a Contact Us button. Tap on the Contact us button. how to Disconnect supercell id from COC
  • Guys now a conversation will open with the Supercell Support team. You need to write a message and request them to disconnect Supercell id from COC account.
  • You can write this message: I want to disconnect Supercell ID from my Clash of Clans account and go back to the Google Play Games.
  • And then send the message.

After 24 hours your Supercell id will be disconnected from your Clash Of Clans account.

That’s all it takes to disconnect a Supercell ID from COC account, and the process is quite simple and straightforward, taking just a few seconds to complete. If you encounter any issues or difficulties while following the steps outlined above, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will do my best to assist you.

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