8 Foods You Should Not Store In Freezer During Covid-19 Lockdown

8 Foods You Should Not Store In Freezer During Lockdown

The present lockdown has created a form of panic amongst people who find themselves stocking up their kitchens for wet days. Here’s a listing of meals that 8 Foods You Should Not Store In Freezer During Covid-19 Lockdown.

We additionally hear individuals freezing their meals for future use since many meals have a brief shelf life. While it’s tremendous to freeze your dry fruits, ice lotions, and peas there are numerous meals which might be good earlier than going within the freezer and never so good after popping out.

Here’s an inventory of meals that you should not put within the freezer if you wish to preserve their integrity.

  1. Dairy Products: Milk is the very first thing we need to replenish however do not pay heed to everybody’s suggestion to freeze cartons of milk. When you may take it out and thaw it, it could curdle. Likewise, the cheese will grow to be crumbly and never so tacky in any case.
  1. Fried Foods: We like our fries, pakoda, and nuggets for his or her crunchiness. But these fried meals are certain to lose it if they’re frozen. So, eat these snacks all to your coronary heart’s content material quite than saving it for later. You will not thoughts doing it right?
  1. Noodles: Want to make noodles throughout lockdown? Cooked or raw, noodles and pasta will not keep nicely within the freezer. They will flip mushy after defrosting them. Buy solely these many packs that you will use quickly.
  1. Cucumber: Use frozen cucumber slices in your eyes solely, not in your mouth. Cucumber, after thawing, might be soggy and can style totally different.
  1. Fruits: Only dried fruits or dry fruits are secure to retailers in the freezer, not recent fruits. Freezing them will change their construction, style, and produce down their dietary worth.
  1. Coffee: Open espresso beans or floor espresso will catch that bizarre freezer scent and your espresso won’t style the identical. However, unopened espresso luggage can nonetheless be saved in the freezer for a few weeks.
  1. Yogurt: Health-wise, there’s nothing wrong with popping a tub of yogurt in the freezer before it expires. The good news is, freezing yogurt doesn’t kill its healthy live and active cultures, but the bad news is that when it’s thawed, the texture will lose its creaminess and become grainy. Also, if you were hoping to create a freezer-ready treat similar to fro-yo, you’ll be disappointed. Regular yogurt has more water than the ones you’d buy frozen, leaving an icy block when you try to give yourself a scoop.
  1. Tomato Sauce: We all like to pair our sandwiches, chips, snacks with ketchup. If you worry that your native grocery retailer will run out of it and, therefore, you are planning to inventory it in your freezer, please do not. After defrosting it, you may see a large number with tomato paste, water, and vinegar, all separated.

Freezing these meals will negatively affect their consistency, texture, and style. So select correctly the meals that you’d need to put in your freezer.

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