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15 Hot Tips Beauty Nail Care: Get Attractive Nails Naturally

Nail is a sign of a healthy body and beauty. But it can get easily damaged if we don’t take proper care of it. So, as one of the most visible areas of our body, we should be careful about our nail care. For that, it’s not necessary to go to a parlor or salon. Here I included some hot tips about beauty nail care. Before exploring the hot tips, you should gain a little knowledge about our nail anatomy.

By practicing some simple habits, you can make sure your nails are healthy and beautiful. To get healthy nails you must have knowledge about our nails and to know the process of caring for them naturally. Besides you also have to know which habits are bad for your nails and what care should be taken in which problem.

A bit knowledge about our nails: Hot Tips - Nail Care

There are three layers of nails on nail bed. Nail bed is the pinkish color area of the nail. The uppermost layer is called dorsal, which serves as a protective layer against external influences. Nail edge consists of a fine cuticle called Hyponychium, which protects nail bed and prevents the penetration of foreign substances. The skin of the nail is called the cuticle. It also protects the sensitive area of the nails.

So we have to be careful when we take our nail care. Don’t apply any harsh process for cleaning up. Everything you do, do it gently. If you don’t know about your nails then how can we take good care of it!

Picture of fingernail anatomy

15 hot tips about beauty nail care:

Everybody wants well-shaped, strong, pinkish nails. Cause it’s healthy and looks beautiful. If you have dull, fragile non-attractive nails, don’t be upset. By following some hot tips you can also get attractive, healthy nails.

1. Wash: Always try to keep your nails clean. Don’t use harsh soap. Try to use a gentle body wash and a soft brush to clean your nails. After cleaning immediately wipe them with a soft towel. Don’t stay longer with wet hands. It’s harmful to our nails.

2. Stop biting: Stop biting your nails. It’s so harmful to the growth of your nails and makes them fragile. It also increases the risk of infectious disease to our nails.

3. Minimize water uses: Don’t use water too much. The wet condition weakens the nail’s structure. Use gloves while working in wet conditions.

4. Moisturizer: You must have to moisturize your nails to keep them healthy. You can use any moisturizer cream. But vitamin E is the best for nails. So try to use a cream that contained vitamin E. You can also use jojoba oil, almond oil, or any cuticle cream to moisturize your nails.

5. Cuticle’s care: Never trim your cuticles during a manicure. The cuticle is the protective layer upon nails. It prevents bacterial attack and any infectious attacks to the nails. You use a cuticle pusher to push them back with moisturizer.

6. Base coating: Apply a base coat to protect your nails. It’s a transparent color nail polish. If you have nail polish, then apply it over your nail polish to keep your nails safe.

7. Stop scraping off nail polish: Never ever scrape off your nail polish. It makes your nail surface rough and patchy. Rough scrapping can strip away the top layer of your nails. So to remove your nail color, instead of scrapping you should use nail remover with a tissue.

8. Good remover: Choose a good remover with lesser chemicals from sustainable brands. After removing nail polish, wash your hands with water.

9. Cut nail straight across: Always cut your nails evenly. Uneven cutting of nails may occur in growth. Always keep them level. Cause too long, round-shaped nails can rupture cuticles.

10. File nails in one direction: Begin to file from one corner of the nail to the center, then from the center to another corner. This process of filing gives you a smooth edge. Always file your nails gently, otherwise, it may get weak or break prematurely.

11. Say no to fake nails: Fake nails have to be glued on the top of the real one. The gap in-between can be a breeding ground for fungus. Or it is also risky for bacterial infections. So fake nails must be avoided. Just be satisfied with what you have!

12. Remove excess skin around nails: With a cuticle cutter or nail cutter, you can remove the excess skin around your nails. It makes your nails more stunning and helps you to achieve complete beauty nail care.

13. Natural care of nails at home: Not everyone likes to go to a salon or parlor. Even it’s not necessary to go to the parlor. You can easily take care of your nails at home with some simple ingredients. Some are included below:

Lemon: For brightening and removing stains, lemon juice is very popular for nail care. Take some lemon juice, use a cotton pad to swipe lemon juice all over the nails, then wait for drying up. After that wash your nails with water and use moisturizer.

Garlic oil: If you are worried about your nail growth then use garlic oil. Selenium in garlic promotes the growth of nails. You can rub nails with a piece of garlic or you can sauté chopped garlic with olive oil and massage your nails with it.

Honey: Honey keeps your cuticles of nails nourished. It also has hydrating properties. Make a nail mask with 2 teaspoons of honey and few drops of lemon juice, then rub the nails with it for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly to get a shiny, strong nail.

14. Trim nails regularly: Like hair, it’s important to trim your nails regularly. With a sharp nail cutter, you should trim nail every few weeks. It’s helpful for the growth of our nails and keeps our nails neat and clean.

15. Food habits: Healthy diets are so important for all parts of our body. Nails are not other than that. It needs calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E, etc. for healthy and beautiful nails. So you should take nutrition-rich foods like bananas, nuts, whole grains, beans, and green vegetables to keep your nails perfect.

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Conclusion: From the 15 hot tips added above, it’s clear that you can easily take beauty nail care on your own at home. It’s not a very tough task. Just follow the tips and you also get eyeful nails!

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